so it is profitable
In addition to the low operating costs for the green care, a number of economic aspects speak for the turning plant bed:

In buildings where no open spaces are used, reversible plant-beds are a particularly favorable alternative to terrace and balcony-bound green systems:

     No thermal bridges and no complicated building physics connections,
     you save the seals, drains, fall protection and patio doors etc.
     The building is compact, has less external surfaces and therefore less heat loss.

          Valuable usable areas are won!
          The quality of life won can not be quantified!

Grass / glass variant:

In the grass / glass variant, the turning bed is divided by a window rung into a transparent glass area and a planted green area.
No separate constructions are required.
Large glass surfaces give way to soft greenery with efficient thermal insulation.
The window glasses are, as a pleasant side effect, also cleaned from the inside.

Gras_Glas Konstruktion.PNG

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